Feels like Christmas around here

Judi adding dome Christmas cheer

Judi adding dome Christmas cheer

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Starz workroom

Starz workroom

A nice selection of summer colours to choose from today .

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Vintage Luxe

Going through our wedding photo folder I found the gorgeous shoots taken last summer for Payal & Yohan wedding . Wanted to share these …lots of photos

Blush pink & cream peonies and roses

hand-tied posies for bridesmaids with white peonie roses and cream roses.

The beautiful Kelliher Estate

French Wedding arch swagged in tulle and flowers

Bridal table with Vintage luxe theme

Guest table flowers

Inside Marquee

Perfect den for the boys to pin on buttonholes

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Rustic Orchids

Have been playing around with artificial orchids today . We like to keep artificial arrangements natural looking and keep them seasonal . Winter orchids with green berries , moss , ranunculus & green apples in a rusty urn has a rustic charm .

Rusty urn with artifical green orchids

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Birthday Treat

Have had the school holidays off with the kids which has been lots of fun , sometimes very busy and some days doing nothing but slouching in PJs !

Did have a birthday treat with Breakfast out the girls which ended around lunchtime !

Hubby had taken the afternoon off and so we headed to Little & Friday for coffee and cake .

Box of cakes

Now have my very own copy of the Little & Friday cookbook . My favourite is Lemon & Coconut cake .

Lemon and Coconut

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Natures Nuture posy

ImageThe citrus greens and green/whites are lush in this posy . It is arranged into a cube vase & is ready to go out with the courier for delivery .

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Vase arrangement

Vase arrangement

This was an order that went out for delivery today . Always nice to do a large vase arrangement.

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A Thank you Card

Made our day when we recieved Rebecca and Anthony’s thankyou card .

Thank you so much for the stunning work that you did on our wedding day. We were blown away by how beautiful all the tables looked when we walked into the venue . It looked stunning ! We has so many comments about what a wonderful job you had done . Thank you for being so lovely & easy to work with ! Thanks again .




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Winter Orchids

I like that we have 4 seasons in N.Z , and while we have just entered winter each season brings its own pleasures . For me that means Orchids will be coming through the market which I love working with . Such long-lasting and value for money .

Starz winter orchid arrangement

Starz Winter Orchid arrangement

Orchids and roses with chocs in basket

We have had some artificial Orchids in the workroom which have fooled everyone too!

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It’s winter

Winter colour

First day of winter today & while it would have been nice to stay in bed a littler longer this morning , the crisp but bright day was a good start to the winter season . on my walk around the block this morning I did enjoy seeing the fabulous colours in the native bush and bare branches that nature offers this time of the year.
With the long weekend ahead it is a good excuse to light the fire and eat and drink my way through the weekend !

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